Services we provide : –

  • Dedicated Resource Model
  • Bulk Hiring
  • CXO Hiring
  • HR Consultancy Services
  • Talent Mapping
  • Payroll Outsourcing
  • Back Ground Verification

About Us

We are bunch of amazing people who want to do something great, but absolutely differently. Our aim is while we want to think & act different, we want actually help our customers solve their real problems in a simple yet different way from the one they have been used to. One of our wicked visions is to disrupt the Recruitment Agency market. This is because we see thousands and thousands of companies working with these agencies and end up doing most of the work pretty much on their own and yet end up paying huge sums as their fees. Hence we build Upraisal keeping in that positions at closed within 30 days flat.

What sets us apart? To start with, our indomitable team coupled with the best of technology is a combination that you won’t find anywhere else. Our exhaustive database is the result of years of relentless work put in by our team. We also believe that the awesome work culture at Upraisal is why our people deliver good work, every single day.

Finally we clearly articulated that ‘Customer Delight’ and ‘Customer Experience’ should be the only guiding pillar for all of at Upraisal, irrespective whether we end up hiring or not hiring for them.